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Read what viewers from all around the world have to say about VO Buzz Weekly and how this web show is helping them achieve more success in thier voice over careers… and in life!

Lee Harpster from CA -

Hi guys, Just a quick note to thank you for VO Buzz Weekly and a special thanks for episodes 13 & 14 on audio books narration. I am now a working VO actor doing audio books for and my first book (White Seed) is now for sale. It was VO Buzz Weekly that inspired me to pursue doing audio books. My first check was more than I made in a month at my day job and I get residuals on every book sold on the back end as well. Thank you Chuck and Stacey so much for all you do with VO Buzz Weekly and the inspiration to make aspiring VO actors' dreams come true. Yours truly with great gratitude.

Charlene from Seattle -

OMG! This is the best kind of buzz ever. You can still drive and there is no hangover. You two put on such a great show! I only recently found out about your show and it has been a fun and exciting marathon to catch up. I am not in the VO business currently. I have started studying acting and VO as a way to improve upon myself in various ways. I figure there is no better way to learn how to interact with and present to people, among other skills, than from the very people that do it for a living. As a result, I found myself completely fascinated with the capability of the voice. I found VO Buzz Weekly while gathering information and have been completely hooked. I look forward to many more episodes filled with great tips and fantastic guests.

Scott Burns from Seattle -

Thank you again for the incredible work you and Stacey do with VO Buzz Weekly.  I've gained so much insight on the inner-workings of the voiceover community in LA.  I love seeing the people and hearing their stories!  Man, those are just the BEST.  It's such a great learning tool.  I recommend it to every aspiring VO talent I meet.

Michael Damon from California -

You guys are so good, it is absolutely amazing. I consider the discovery of 'VOBuzz Weekly' a few months ago, one of my greatest internet discoveries in 20 years of Big Wave Internet Surfing. In just the last month, the roller-coaster of life has had me working 24- hour days and also being bed-ridden with pneumonia for over a week. The latter of which gave me plenty of time to catch up on missed episodes and re-watch favorite episodes of your show. This said, there has never been one time when I didn't feel better about myself, this delightfully crazy VO business, the people in it, and hell, Freaking society in general, after watching an episode of your show. I've been around the entertainment business my whole life, with both successes and failures, but the one thing I like to recognize is quality, talent, integrity and passion.

You both bring such an entertaining and informative potpourri of skill sets to each production. The two of you individually and together are always prepared, engaging, gracious, compassionate, funny, passionate, irreverent, enthusiastic, on-topic, knowledgeable, interesting, and informative. It would be a pleasure to meet the two of you someday, should our trails meet, because you both ROCK, you are very talented, and probably fun as hell. This may be the longest letter I have written since the war. And I wasn't even in it. I'm sorry for the lengthy diatribe but as an artist in the business I know how hard what you do is, and you are awesome. Thanks again. Keep it up and God bless my friends.

Bob Hurley from Virginia -

You guys and VO Buzz Weekly played a huge part in my being signed by AVO Talent. I was still in a funk after the death of my wife and decided to watch your episode with Sandie Schnarr. I couldn't get an LA agent if I paid them. (I live in Virginia, though I consider LA my second home.) I was well into my Meisner training and heard Sandie say they preferred to sign actors because they did the work before they hit the booth. I knew what she was talking about. Then she said she never signs anyone from out of town because of the deep talent pool in LA. At that point I hit the pause button and for some reason said out loud to the screen, "We'll see about that." 

This was a Saturday. I called AVO to find out about submissions and immediately emailed my stuff, knowing I wouldn't hear anything for a month, if ever. Monday morning, 30 minutes after the AVO Talent office opened I got an email saying they liked my stuff and were sending copy for me to audition. I called Marice Tobias immediately to coach the audition and they signed me at the end of the week. 

When Beau Weaver said on his episode, "We'll see about that" being the magic phrase, I almost spit out my coffee. The planets aligned on that day. Thanks to you, Chuck and Stacey for putting together this show in general, and specifically the Sandie Schnarr show! And thanks to Ralph Cooper, Peter Varano, and Sandie Schnarr for having faith in me.

Erin from Los Angeles -

Hi Stacey! Hi Chuck! At the end of July I posted a little message on your FB page asking about audio books - y'all quickly responded, linking me to your interview with Scott Brick. I watched it immediately, took notes and signed up for the class that he co-teaches with Pat Fraley, which I took at the beginning of August. It was an amazing class! I learned a ton and walked out with a narration demo. With in 24 hours I booked my first book on ACX! I am now working on a Y/A Fantasy, a series of Vampire Poems and got put on the roster of a great publisher! And it ALL started with YOU GUYS! Thank you for introducing real VO talent, with real insight into my life. I am extremely grateful. Chuck and Stacey - YOU ROCK!

Brian E. from NYC -

You guys Rock! I started watching one episode at 7AM NYC time now it's fricken 5PM and I didn't get a damm thing done! No marketing, no auditions! Well I guess a boatload more educated about the great people in our industry. Priceless...

Campbell M. from British Columbia -

I've just completed a VOBuzz-a-thon! Couldn't stop watching after the first show... You guys rock! And I've loved every guest on the show so far. I've been doing VO's for more than 40 years but I've learned a ton of stuff with every episode. Not to mention the inspiration from the great stories. Keep up the great work and the great guests. Can't wait for the next show!

Melissa -

A thousand times thank you! This is a field that I have been interested in for years.  I half-heartedly pursued it way back when and now the passion to follow this dream is rekindled.

Tom -

I just want to tell you that I think you are doing a fantastic job with VO Buzz Weekly.  It just couldn’t be better or more interesting.  VO Buzz Weekly is something that I look forward to very week.  Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to produce such an entertaining and informative program.

Chet from the UK -

I am learning so much from your shows.  You guys are my favorites.  I have to watch your show every week … can’t miss.  Please keep going!

Mr. 96 Tears -

VO Buzz Weekly is my new favorite show, that’s including shows on television.  Seriously, I am learning a lot about the VO business, which is cool because I aspire to do VO’s full time someday, plus it’s entertaining.  The worst part about your show is that I have to wait a whole week for the next show.  I just have to be patient!

Ian from Canada -

First, thank you so much for providing this amazing voice over resource for those of us trying to get involved in the industry!  You have a fan and I sharing this with all I know who are interested in voice over.  Looking forward to future episodes!

Regina -

Great show!  Every episode is VO soul food.  The insight you are drawing from these successful artists gives such an opportunity for us to be mentored and inspired not just by their success, but also by their human stories.  Thanks for being the bridge.  I’m totally a fan of your show and you are a great hosting team!

Gary -

I’ve been enjoying your shows very much.  As someone on the very front end of the VO biz, it’s invaluable to me to hear from you two and your guests.  I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how you have kept the content of your interviews positive, upbeat, very informative and clean.  I don’t find myself wincing periodically from off-color language or stories that don’t add anything to what you’re trying to accomplish.  That’s rare in internet productions.  I don’t know if that’s a product of your own natures, that of your guests or if you’ve just made a decision to frame your shows that way, but I wanted you to know that it’s noticed and appreciated.

Chas from NY -

How many ways can you say "Great Show"? Bob Bergen and Chuck and Stacey!!!! It keeps getting better every week! Continued best wishes for great success with this important new show. It's value goes far beyond the voice over business as you and your guests have provided advice that can lead to success in any venture. Keep it rockin on !!! Chas, one of your first and still devoted fans.

Sanjo from Nigeria -

Hi Chuck and Stacey J.  I have been watching your show from Lagos, Nigeria.  If you ever feel low just know that people from around the world are blessed by your show.  I especially like it when you show VO home studios, it opens my mind further.  I love you guys!

Pat from Ohio -

Thank you so much for this show!  Doing VO is so much fun but sometimes I get lonesome in the sound room.  How great to know there’s a real community our there that I can plug in to and really enjoy. Thank you Chuck and Stacey, you guys are so upbeat!

Johnny -

Thank you and Stacey very much for doing all that you both do for the VO Community through your hard work (and money) producing those awesome videos. Well, "awesome" doesn't say enough. I can also say this: Those video interviews (and tips) are more insightful into the VO business and craft than so many of the paid Webinars out there - BTW, please don’t publish that statement with my name, as I’ll end up on a few people’s hate list - heck, publish it anyway since it is true!

Steve C. from CA -

Hi Stacey and Chuck, it was a pleasure meeting you last week at Voice 2012.

I wanted to thank you for what you do for the voiceover community, your show is a wealth of information for newcomers and veterans alike. I'm a firm believer in never stop learning, sharing and mentoring others. After only 8 weeks, since my six way open heart surgery (I like to call it my Six Band Equalizer), attending the show, driving myself from Carlsbad and back twice that week, was well worth the effort. I made so many worthwhile new connections, and reconnected with some old friends.

Best regards from your loyal viewer.

Cindy from NJ -

Chuck and Stacey, I found your show last week and have now watched every single episode. I've always been interested in VO, but didn't know how to get into the business. Your show is inspiring as well as a much needed reality check. I've got work to do, but now I have a plan.

Also, since I watch your show at work and am often interrupted, I need to pause the show at various times. Every single time, no matter which episode I'm watching, the paused freeze frame is of everyone smiling and/or laughing. I love that! You are so positive and welcoming, and since I can't wait until Sunday to see the new show I am now going back to re-watch the! old ones. Thanks for an awesome show!