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Here's what our amazing guests have to say about VO Buzz Weekly.

Steve Blum: Voice of Spike Spiegel, Guilmon, Wolverine, Starscream, Guinness World Record for Most Prolific Voice Actor in video games -

An interview with Chuck and Stacey is a breath, nay toke, of the proverbial fresh air!  I'm not an on-camera guy, but in their lair, I felt right at home.  SO much so, that I picked my nose, made terrible body sounds, and said awful things, yet they remained completely non-judgemental - even when I told them I only work in my skivvies.  I'm still sorry for the hazmat cleanup that was necessary after, but hopefully it was worth it.  

Seriously, I love these guys.  True pros, GREAT questions, and just a big ole' honkin' pile of love and fun.  Chuck did my first demo, so I am grateful to come full circle after all these years and have the opportunity to thank him.  I'm also a fan of his rock god guitar chops.  And Stacey - wow.  Powerhouse.  Smart, funny, great research and huge heart.  And together, it's kind of a blast of alchemy, yo! They understand the impact we have on this business and aren't afraid to use it for the greater good. Still buzzed and forever a fan.  Big love and Re-spect! XO

Rodney Saulsberry: Voice Actor, Teacher, Author -

I had the pleasure the other day of sitting down and talking with two of the sweetest people I have ever met. Before I knew it, I was talking and reminiscing about things in my life and career that were so dear and personal to me, that I had to remind my myself that I was with two total strangers. They were so genuine themselves that I couldn't help but pour my soul out to them. That is what happens when you sit down with Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad on the set of VO Buzz Weekly.

Their research staff is so tight that you feel like you're on an episode of "This is Your Life." And that crack staff doesn't just stop with what Chuck and Stacey impress you with during the interview, when you see the final show, there are even more surprises from the footage and other history that they manage to gather on your career. The FBI is short two top-notch agents and the Executives at NBC missed the boat when they chose Jimmy Fallon over Chuck and Stacey to take over the Tonight Show! I am a forever fan of VO Buzz Weekly!


Joan Baker: Voice Actor, Author, Producer That's Voiceover & Rudy Gaskins: Director, Branding Expert, Creator Push Creative -

An Oscar-winning performance must always concede to the chemistry with its costars. That’s a truism we better understood after sitting down with Chuck and Stacey – a clear reflection of couple power, more potent than questions and answers, more mysterious than a Harry Potter novel and as authentic as it gets. What we gave each other is what the listeners got and what the listeners got was the unvarnished facts and fun about the VO biz... and buzz. They got insight into the hearts and minds of two people (that would be Joan and Rudy) who love every chance they get to help sculpt the evolution of the voiceover industry. Yes, you heard it right. The VO industry is not a static compendium of dogma that you read and then cough up on demand. It is a living breathing industry of dynamic change that constantly dovetails and links up in new ways with new possibilities.

And like Chuck and Stacey, we take it upon ourselves to get out on the playing field where we can shape and mold what the VO industry can ultimately become. We live to run with the fastest horses when it comes to forward progress and VO Buzz Weekly creates an environment where the challenge to innovate is ever present. Chuck and Stacey are fun loving, life loving, humanity loving hosts who pour their very souls into every frame of buzz data they unleash into the universe. We love you guys and we love your extraordinary listeners. Keep doing what you do just the way you do it. Light and blessings to VO Buzz Weekly and the 9 lives of cats. BALL AND A HALF!

Lori Alan: Voice of Pearl the Whale, Momma Henry Hugglemonster, VO Coach -

Well, I could say if Stacey were a man and I wasn't taken I would propose to her, and Chuck, me and Stacey could all run away together with Rob Paulsen. WHAT?!?!? Seriously, I skipped therapy that week I was on their show, because they bring out the very best in YOU and make you remember to feel good about yourself and what you have to offer as a human being to the world and your craft, and to others:-) The purpose of VO Buzz Weekly, for me, is to help each other grow, stay inspired in this crazy, amazing VO world, to find and stay in "community", to help each other, and that is a rare and beautiful thing. It ONLY could be facilitated by the lovely and generous, delicious souls of Chuck and Stacey. The greatest gift of all is to give and then I was lucky enough to receive so much love in return. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO I HAVE WATCHED ON THE SHOW!!! YOU'VE HELPED ME! AND THANKS TO ALL WHO WATCH AND NOW COACH. With much gratitude and love, Lori Alan P.S. Can I get a deal on another one of those great mugs?? Seriously, that's a mean ass mug.

Randy Thomas: Voice of Entertainment Tonight, Live Announcer, Author -

I have done a million interviews over the course of my career, but none was as fun and relaxed as my encounter with Chuck and Stacey. They are both fans of VO as well as peers, so before you know it you are revealing way to much. And I loved every minute of it! Thanks guys you rock!


Marc Cashman: Teacher, Producer, Voice Actor -

If you've ever been interviewed on a Radio or TV show, sometimes the hosts can make you feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable. Not so with Chuck and Stacey on "VO Buzz Weekly." They're fun to talk to, they do their homework, and they really bring great questions to their interviews, making their guests feel comfortable from the get-go. And it's such a cool vehicle: interviewing working V-O talent, producers, casting directors, agents--all the knowledgeable people in the voiceover buisness who have information to share, as well as interesting and funny anecdotes, with the rest of the V-O community. Their presentation is only matched by their intelligence and enthusiasm. I feel honored to have been included in their pantheon of industry guests.

Laraine Newman: Voice actor, Writer, Original cast member of Saturday Night Live -

I'm pretty sure Chuck didin't know who the hell I was, but thanks to Stacey he got wise and started giving me the respect I deserved. He left the room bowing and facing me and made sure to address me as " your majesty". My experience on the show was by far one of the most enjoyable interviews I've ever had and that's sayin' somethin' boy howdy. Stacey's research was positively archival and her questions were interesting and she managed to ask ones I've never been asked before. A major feat. Both Chuck and Stacey approach the subject of voice over as knowledgable pros and it's really fun to talk about it in those terms. I had a blast. You guys rule....alongside me

D.C. Douglas: Voice of Legion in Mass Effect, Albert Wesker in Resident Evil franchise -

Thanks to Chuck and Stacey, there’s now a new drinking game. Take a shot every time you see D.C. stroke his right bicep, watch my interview and try it! I did and ended up drunk-dialing another conservative PAC. In all seriousness, Chuck and Stacey are doing a great service for the voice over world and especially for aspiring talent everywhere! I was honored to be a part of it and hope that clips of it never used in a court of law against me.


Brian T. Stevenson: Voice actor, Weaponeers of Monkaa co-creator -

Being invited to be a guest on VO Buzz Weekly was a trifecta of emotion. I felt surprised, honored, and a little scared about being asked to come on and share my experiences. I'm a wet behind the ears newbie in the voice over world compared to the other esteemed guests that have joined Chuck and the lovely Stacey J. but they didn't treat me any different than those Kings and Queens of the mic. I met Chuck after being referred to him by Jess Harnell as someone that could help me produce a really killer demo. We hit it off instantaneously, as Jess said we would, and became fast friends. I had been following Stacey on Facebook as her wonderfully positive outlook inspired me every day. Never could I have imagined that I would find such amazing friends and champions in these two. The honor quickly drowned out the surprise and fear as we settled in for the interview. I felt both welcomed and admired by these two gracious and friendly people. That feeling is indeed reciprocated 100 fold. Being on VO Buzz Weekly was an awesome experience. Such a great laid back environment, just chatting about what we all know and love about this wonderful vocation we've all chosen to dedicate out lives to. Thank you both so much for making me feel like I really do belong in this club of outrageously talented ladies and gentlemen. Much love to you both!

Rob Paulsen: Voice of Yakko, Raphael, Donatello, Host of Talkin’ Toons Podcast -

I first met Chuck when we both happened to be visiting Stacey at the Women's Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles. I was Stacey's parole officer and Chuck was delivering a "cake." 12 years later, Stacey has paid her debt to society and Chuck is still cooking. Only now he's serving up THE finest guitar licks and demos in town and he and his gorgeous, talented gun moll possess insight, expertise and graciousness. All of which are necessary to have an entertaining and informative show. Well, that and a pile of cool phone numbers. Honestly, I had a BLAST on VO Buzz Weekly and if you guys will have me, I'd love to come back when I voice yet another another 25 years. Big love to you both, Rob

Grey DeLisle: Voice Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Voice of Azula, Vicky and Mandy -

I had SO MUCH fun with Chuck and Stacey that I'm actually MOVING IN WITH THEM!!!! Shhh!!!! Don't tell anybody! I WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE!!!!

Nancy Wolfson: Owner, Voice Over Coach, Teacher, Demo Producer -

CONFESSION: I have been secretly curating my cherry "Talk Show Sofa Stories" since childhood. I just never knew when or where I would have the ripest opportunity to reveal my most insane and trans-formative experiences. That opportunity was this week and the talk show was VO Buzz Weekly. Stacey J. Aswad and Chuck Duran hosted an environment so welcoming, playful, and fertile with research that they unlocked intimate stories I have kept sealed in the vault for a lifetime. [Stacey even let me give her a huge smooch.] These two elicit the never-before-shared sparkly stuff from the apogees in our industry because they are that magnetic themselves. I am enormously grateful for their acumen, their camaraderie, and their A+ platform. Never have I missed an episode, and you should not miss this one on What Makes Your Teacher Tick.

Joe Cipriano: Network Promo Voice for CBS, FOX, NBC -

What can I say about Chuck and Stacey. Beautiful long hair, great legs...not to mention, Stacey who is really sweet too. Seriously, now. I loved being on VO Buzz Weekly. I think I may have the honor of being the first to appear in FOUR episodes. The fun studio interview we did on the VO Buzz Weekly Set and Clubhouse visit (Episodes 9 &10), and the Don LaFontaine tribute show (Episodes 34 & 35) shot at the DLF VO Lab. Both were awesome experiences. Stacey is an absolute pro and a charming host, Chuck is just pure fun, witty and wacky and the chemistry between the two of them is great. Thanks so much for having me on your show guys, I'm a huge fan. Can't wait to go back for more fun.

George Whittam: Owner VO Studio Tech, Co-Host of East West Audio Bodyshop -

Chuck and Stacey made my visit to the VO Buzz Weekly show a comfortable and fun one. It was a laid back, but not too laid back that it felt like we'd never finish, and we were hitting all the topics I had hoped to cover during my inaugural appearance on the show. Their efforts to bring a top notch show with impressive production values does not go unnoticed! As someone who hosts and produces his own video webcast, I know how much work it is to pull it off! Chuck and Stacey are very kind and genuine, just a coupla friendly geeks like me, LOL! OK, Stacey, you're not so geeky... I'd love to come back anytime you'll have me! Keep on buzzin'.

EG Daily: Voice Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Voice of Tommy Pickles and Buttercup -

Chuck and Stacey, Loved doing the interview with you. I appreciate your great questions and your knowledge of voice over. I especially appreciate getting to be honest with you about voice over and life. For anyone who is interested and curious about voice over you guys ROCK with info. Thanks for having me. xx EG

Dee Bradley Baker: Voice Actor, Master of Creature and Monster voices -

What a gas chatting with Chuck & Stacey! They know and love voice-overs and voice-actors better than anybody, which made this one of my favorite interviews ever! Thanks for letting me yak on and on!! RAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!

Dave Fennoy: Voice Actor, The Hulu Guy -

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Chuck and Stacey on VO Buzz Weekly recently. They had done their homework and knew my VO resume... maybe even better than I did. They asked great questions, some no one had asked before and the discussion was designed for me to able to share great insights with people who are interested in VO. Usually when the cameras are rolling on an interview, you don't have time to go deep because there's a commercial break coming up every few minutes... but there's plenty of time on VO Buzz Weekly to get into it and say what needs to be said. Oh, and then there's the fun! Such a good time, I was so relaxed... I'm sure I shared some things I may have meant to keep secret... Hmmm… Maybe you shouldn't watch my interview. Yeah, like that's gonna stop you!

Sandie Schnarr: Voice Over Agent, Owner of AVO Talent -

VO Buzz Weekly is a must see if you're a fan of animation and video games. The guests on the show are some of the best in the business. Not only will you learn a lot about the wonderful world of voice acting, but you'll be very entertained. Stacey and Chuck are fun and gracious hosts. I was the first agent they interviewed and we had so much fun.  They ask interesting and intelligent questions and make their guests feel right at home.  They've put together my favorite website on the Voice Over Business.

Nancy Cartwright: Voice Actor, voice of Bart Simpson -

What a complete relief it is to have such professionals like Chuck and Stacey and VO Buzz Weekly.  What you see is what you get: An EXTREMELY high interest in the voice over industry; an infectious spirit of fun and playfulness; and a real passion for others to do well.  I really dig these guys and their website!

Bob Bergen: Voice Actor, voice of Porky Pig -

I had THE best time with Chuck and Stacey!  Thank you for making me feel right at home!  I’m a VO Buzz Weekly fan!

Tara Strong: Voice Actor, voice of Twilight Sparkle, Ben 10, Timmy Turner -

Funnest interview ever! Stacey and Chuck really get us as performers and they really get the community supporting us! Keep up the great, insightful, fun work you two!

xo, Tara

Scott Brick: Audiobook Narrator -

I’ve been a devoted viewer of VO Buzz Weekly since its very first episode.  The reason I was drawn to it?  Because every legendary VO artist who appeared on it shared the secrets to their success.  I mean, seriously, Scott Rummell talking about his process?  Nancy Cartwright?  Joe freakin’ Cipriano?!  All talking about their approach to their craft?  Two thoughts went through my head when I first tuned into this series: One – how did nobody think of this before? and Two – are they all seriously giving away their knowledge…?  Then the more I watched each episode, a third thought came to mind: how cool is it that this show is hosted by other VO professionals who know the right questions to ask, who put so much thought and effort into asking the questions I’d ask each guest myself?  I mean, I’d love to branch out into other aspects, other genres of VO, and they’re offering up a tutorial about how to go about doing just that! 

So imagine my surprise when they asked me to be on the show.  I was humbled.  And excited.  See, Chuck and Stacey are also dear friends, and I was thrilled to be able to participate in their labor of love.  That night I spent in their studio is literally the coolest night of my entire career.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so appreciated by the people around me, so excited to share with viewers who were newcomers to the industry, or more overjoyed to be part of this fabulous and innovative new venture.

I’ve done a number of interviews over the years, but I’ve never had the feedback I’ve had from doing VO Buzz Weekly, and I know for a fact that it has nothing to do with me – it has to do with Chuck and Stacey’s approach to the show, the careful way they go about crafting each episode to be of maximum use to every viewer.  I mean, every time they referred to their cards for another question, I literally marveled at how effectively they were channeling the thoughts and desires of their audience, asking questions that would benefit viewers when it came time for them to break into other aspects of the industry themselves.  If you’re serious about making a living with your voice and you haven’t watched every single episode of VO Buzz Weekly yet, I only have one question for you: What the [Insert your favorite BLEEP sound effect here] are you waiting for?

Ginny McSwain: Animation Voice Director -

FINALLY! A voice over venue out there where curious minds can get great information from voice over talent in all areas of production, who actually work in the business!!! Doing an interview with Stacey and Chuck is like sitting down with two, comfortable, friendly and informative all the way.

Chris Borders: Video Game Director -

VO Buzz Weekly w/ Chuck and Stacey was one of the MOST FUN interviews I have done in my life!  Both Chuck and Stacey are total pros, and made me feel like we had been best friends forever! I have done a lot of different on-camera, and audio interviews over the decades, however, VO Buzz Weekly was completely different, it was like sitting down with two of my closest friends in their home, and talking about the voiceover biz over dinner and drinks… I almost was expecting an amazing casserole to come out of an oven somewhere! If you want hear the BEST info and stories about the VO biz, I HIGHLY suggest you tune onto VO Buzz Weekly w/ Chuck and Stacey, and join the party!

Jess Harnell: Voice actor, voice of Wakko Warner, Ironhide, Tosh Gopher -

I have had the enormous privilege of calling Chuck Duran my best friend for basically my entire life. Knowing full well the incredible extent of Chuck's talents as well as his undisputed status as the best VO demo producer in the business, when he told me that he and Stacey were developing the worlds first entertainment talk show devoted solely to the voice over industry I expected that it would be great. What I did NOT expect was that it would be the single most indispensable tool for VO information that anyone, breaking in or established pro, could ever hope to find. EVER.

I've always said that to become successful, learn what successful people do - and then actually do it. Well, Chuck and Stacey sit down every week with the most successful people from every aspect of the business and get so many pearls of wisdom that, right now, they could fill the worlds best voice over encyclopedia - and so many more guests are still to come.

For someone to connect with any of these people and have full access to their tips, experience and advice would cost a fortune if it could even be arranged at all - until right now. Chuck and Stacey have done all the work for you - and it doesn't cost a thing. All that's left is for you to watch, learn and put it into practice. And I'll be watching with you, every single week. After all, the day you stop learning is the day you stop - period.

James Alburger & Penny Abshire: VOICE Convention, Voice Acting Academy -

From the moment we walked through the door at Chuck and Stacey’s place, we felt like we’d been friends for years – and now, we will be! We just love ‘em!  Our experience as guests on VO Buzz Weekly was awesome! Chuck and Stacey are such cool people – so friendly and warm. Being interviewed by them was much more like just sitting around the living room having a conversation with close friends than being on camera.

We are so grateful for their willingness to hear all about The VoiceActing Academy and especially to allow us to shamelessly plug VOICE 2012! VO Buzz Weekly (and Chuck and Stacey), absolutely and without any doubt... ROCKS!