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Dave Sebastian Williams PT1 EP93

Dave Sebastian Williams, in his signature festive shirt, goes back in time to share how his career in voice over started from grade school to doing radio in Orange County before arriving in Los Angeles. Go with us on the epic journey of how he got his first agent, Don Pitts and hear some of the ups and downs of his early years.

Dave talks about his approach to business and tells how his amazing recording studio, Dave & Dave, came to be as well as all the services it provides from audio production to casting. Chuck gets major props from Dave who says, “Chuck’s voice over demos are the finest in the business.”

Dave, who is already so generous and gives back in a big way, reveals what he would do with the money if he ever won the lottery, it’s pretty cool! He talks about the importance of a voice actor being talented and having a strong business sense in today’s times and gives us a glimpse at some precious memorabilia from his early years.

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