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Sam Riegel PT1 EP69

Chuck offers an important Tip of the Week about using an email signature. This week’s guest Sam Riegel, voice actor, writer and voice director of Disney’s Sofia the First takes us on a fun and interesting ride through his diverse career. Starting out as a child actor, he shares how his stage performing experience has helped him as a voice actor.

From the point of view of a successful voice director, Sam gives valuable insights and tips about auditions, casting and creating characters that every voice actor needs to hear.

He discusses the trend in cartoons with regard to using a natural voice versus a cartoon sounding voice and also what he feels he does well as a voice actor. Sam describes what to do with a character breakdown that makes for a great audition that will captivate the listener.

He shares how he stays on top of voice over trends as a director and voice actor and how his writing background helps him interpret scripts. The episode closes with Sam offering solid advice and suggestions for those starting out in the voice over business today.

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