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Marc Cashman PT1 EP60

Chuck and Stacey welcome Marc Cashman, respected teacher, award-winning voice actor and commercial producer who takes us through how he got started in the voice over business and why he tries to learn something new everyday. Colleagues for 20 years, Chuck and Marc reminisce about producing voice over work before the advanced technology of today’s business.

Find out how Marc stays current with the times, how his teaching career began and the way his experience as a public school teacher helped him create his voice over teaching style. Get more information about the VO 2013 Atlanta event Marc is attending along with other VO Buzz Weekly guests like Pat Fraley, Nancy Wolfson, James Alburger, Penny Abshire, and other VO leaders.

Marc explains why “being real” in commercial copy is so challenging and what a voice actor can do to overcome it. As a three-time winner of ‘Best Voice of the Year’ from Audiophile Magazine, Marc shares what it means to him to be recognized by his peers and the legacy created by doing audiobooks. He begins explaining the first four elements of his brilliant list of THE 8 FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS EVERY VOICE ACTOR MUST HAVE TO SUCCEED and how he devised his unique Report Card system. This is amazing information that will help take any voice actor to the next level of their career, it’s a must watch!

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