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Nancy Wolfson PT2 EP55

In Part 2 with Nancy Wolfson, we find out what she believes is unique about her coaching style and one of her most important life lessons. She describes her Acting for Advertising coursework and learning modules and why they are so effective. As a former agent, Nancy shares what mistakes people make when trying to get voice over representation and gives great advice and tips for what someone should be doing to get an agent. There is a valuable discussion reminding people that voice over is not just about being creative, it’s also a business and needs to be treated as such.

Nancy eloquently and insightfully answers the viewer video questions from Ed Fisher, John LaPiana, Charles Jenkins and Anne Ganguzza ranging from approaching commercial copy to being successful in today’s voice over business. The episode closes with Nancy giving everyone a sneak peek of one of her upcoming projects and answering the ever popular IF question.


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