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Beau Weaver PT2 EP45

Find out what Beau Weaver feels is his greatest accomplishment in life and what he wishes he was better at personally and professionally. He shares amazing stories about Marlon Brando and Joan Darling that punctuate his points brilliantly. He talks about how he got the iconic role of Superman and gives advice to voice actors in the business about what they should be focusing on to build their careers.

Viewers get a sneak peek of Beau’s Home Studio, what equipment he uses, get to watch him record and edit actual jobs. The importance of having a portable home studio is discussed and he reveals one of the most unusual places he had to record. The episode closes with Beau’s personal and poignant story about breaking in to animation which is a gem for everyone to hear, and Stacey’s IF question about who he would want as President.

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  • Author Name: Melanie Haynes

  • Author Name: Beverly

  • Author Name: Rebecca Ford

  • Author Name: Rebecca Ford

  • Author Name: DC Goode

  • Author Name: Ginelle McCall

  • Author Name: Vanessa

  • Author Name: Campbell McCubbin

  • Author Name: Dawn Davis

  • Author Name: Sheldon Romero

  • Author Name: Bill Small

  • Author Name: Chris Slonske

  • Author Name: Greg Chun

  • Author Name: Reinier De Vera

  • Author Name: Stacey J.

  • Author Name: Chuck Duran

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