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George Whittam PT2 EP43

George shares more incredible recording tips for your home studio involving room noise, USB microphones, mic preamps and microphone and copy positioning. The current commercial contest details are discussed and how you can still enter to try and win the Charter Oak Acoustic Devices S700 studio microphone. Viewers get the inside scoop about George’s company, VO Studio Tech and what new and innovative services he is offering to his clients that has never been done before.

George explains the differences between mp3, .aiff and .wav files in simple terms and gives a great tip about editing in order to maintain the quality of the file. Hear George’s take on how the quality of your home studio can dramatically impact your ability to compete in the current voice over marketplace. Get his recommendation on what to use for your portable recording gear and what essential effects you need when recording your voice like EQ, compression and noise gate along with the importance of normalizing your tracks. George answers the What If question about being a father of a daughter and the episode closes with a recap of the current contest details and Chuck and Stacey promising to have George back on the show in the future for more tech talk.

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