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Dee Bradley Baker PT1 EP38

Viewers get Chuck’s Tip of the Week about proper recording levels for voice over and hear Stacey’s Viewer Email from Bobby who has just discovered the show and is sharing the BUZZ with his students.

Meet guest Dee Bradley Baker, known for his work in Phineas and Ferb, American Dad, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and more, shares how he got started in to the VO business by way of a mall Santa job, open mic nights and voicing the rock in the LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE TV show. Learn how Dee approaches creating a new character and Dee gives great advice about your responsibility to know what is current in the marketplace.

Currently working on five different networks simultaneously, Dee talks about vocal warmups and tells the story of discovering his talent to create creature and monster voices. He demonstrates some of his favorites and breaks down how to make a cricket sound. The episode closes with interesting reflection on having passion and purpose for what you do as a career. 

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