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Dave Fennoy PT2 EP37

In this episode of VO Buzz Weekly, Dave Fennoy shares fun stories about the odd jobs he did to support himself that you will want to hear all about. He reflects on his friendship with Don LaFontaine and others who have influenced his life and VO career.

Find out what Dave does to practice and refine his skills in order to keep growing and learning as a voice actor. He tells the fortuitous story of how he landed the voice of and what he would be doing if he wasn’t in the voice over business.

Hear more about his background in music playing in bands, touring and writing songs and how it has helped his voice over career. Dave answers the What If question thoughtfully and from the heart and describes his essence in three words. The episode closes with valuable advice for voice actors that will motivate and inspire you as well as how Dave defines happiness for his life.


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