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Ginny McSwain PT1 EP30

Chuck and Stacey’s Tip of the Week focuses on the importance of online branding with respect to your domain name, email address and website look. Meet voice director Ginny McSwain and hear about her amazing journey into the voice over business by way of the famous Hanna-Barbera Studios.

Her fearless approach guided her to create the recording department and become the casting director and assistant director to the great director, Gordan Hunt. Primarily directing now, Ginny explains the process of how an animated show gets cast which includes Voicebank and listening to over 1000 auditions. Find out the essential tools a voice actor needs to be successful in animation and what Ginny calls the “TV Guide School of Casting.”

Ginny frankly discusses the celebrity presence in the voice over business and how she feels about it. She shares what she loves about directing animation and interactive games and how she has changed with the times. She tells invaluable things that voice actors can do to break in to the animation business and how to make the recording process go smoothly. Ginny closes the episode with an insightful explanation of the three genres of shows present in animation today.

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