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Billy West PT1 EP26

VO Buzz Weekly is being watched in more than 80 countries and Stacey proves that point with a viewer email from Nigeria.  Chuck delivers another priceless “Tip of the Week” addressing the essential format of voice over demos that meet the industry standard.

The fun begins right away with voice actor guest, Billy West performing many of his famous characters and then getting “cozy” with Stacey.  He openly reveals details about his abusive childhood, overcoming addiction, and how his love of music and playing in bands saved his life. 

Hear how he got his start on the Howard Stern Show complete with impersonations of Howard Stern, Lucille Ball, along with many others.  Billy explains how he can play so many different characters at one time and gives a stunning demonstration of how he taught himself to do the voice of Popeye. 

Find out why he believes that anyone has the potential to do voices and get pointers from Billy for creating a world of characters of your own.  The episode closes with some brilliant advice for getting started in the VO business and how a cell phone and YouTube can help your skills.

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