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Ben Patrick Johnson PT1 EP229

Chuck and Stacey Interview Ben Patrick Johnson, one of the top promo voices for networks like CBS and FOX, trailer voice for the new Trolls movie, Philomena, Lilo & Stitch, broadcast narrator and so much more. He is also a published author, fitness model, and human rights activist. Ben shares the story of how he got started working in talk radio in Minneapolis then continuing to work in radio and television upon moving to L.A. After a controversial exit as the on-camera host for EXTRA, he started doing voice over work and never looked back. He recalls the first voice over movie campaign he got for Lilo & Stitch and speaks to being versatile enough to work in different genres of VO from comedy and drama to kids & family.

Ben talks about auditioning and some things he has learned over the years like showing respect for every word on the page and knowing whom you are talking to in every story. Ben shares that his experience as a writer helps him fill in the blanks if he doesn’t have all the information for a promo or trailer read. He stresses the importance of giving “the creatives” what they want and being patient especially in commercial sessions that can require dozens of takes versus promo and trailer sessions that can last a matter of minutes. Ben reflects on what has helped him have such a long career that include nurturing his professional relationships.

Ben is also able to ride the ups and downs in his career, going above and beyond for his clients and realizing that as a performer he cannot have “bad days”. He talks about where his skills have come from over the years from comedy and acting classes and coaches like Joni Gerber and mentor, Don LaFontaine. Ben has started to coach select actors via Skype or Phone Patch, when he is available, helping them find their authentic sound and staying grounded and real. He reveals his journey overcoming drug and alcohol use and talks about the effects it had on his voice work. Now sober, he encourages people watching to find balance, be present to their creativity and live a healthy life.

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