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Sandie Schnarr PT1 EP17

Hosts Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad mention the trailer for a voice over documentary called, I Know That Voice and Chuck’s "Tip of the Week" uses a Sennheiser microphone. VO Buzz Weekly’s first agent guest is Stacey’s animation and video game agent, Sandie Schnarr of AVO Talent.

Anyone who wants to have an agent and be a working voice actor needs to watch this episode and take notes. Sandie tells how she rose from a being a receptionist and surviving cancer to becoming a powerhouse talent agent and agency owner.

She raves about business partner/VO agent, Peter Varano, and their new promo/trailer and on-camera commercial agents at AVO Talent.

Viewers get to hear a top agent’s detailed perspective about demos, why having an acting background is a must, what is current in the voice over marketplace, what agents like and dislike, what voice actors need to market themselves and the essential elements for a successful agent-voice actor relationship. Sandie Schnarr is a “must watch guest!”

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