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Andrew Atkin PT2 EP194

Chuck and Stacey continue talking with their final guest of the year, Andrew Atkin, Talent Manager at ACM Talent who offers amazing tips for making strong choices in animation, narration, promo and trailer auditions. He shares things that new voice talent do that could be detrimental to their career advancement and some of his survival jobs he had from driving an ice cream truck to working in a video store.

Andrew forecasts where he sees the promo and trailer business in five years and the current trends that he is noticing now. He shares some of the challenges he deals with on a daily basis as a talent manager and what he believes have been the keys to his career longevity and success.

He explains the way work he and ACM Talent partners, Marc Guss and Phil Sutfin, work with their clients and why they make such a great team. Andrew, a loyal VO Buzz Weekly viewer, shares what he likes about the show and the episode closes with the IF question that reveals his curiosity about the idea of cause and effect.

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