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Tara Strong PT1 EP15

Hosts Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad share their recent projects and recommend reading the Dan Friedman book, Sound Advice: Voice Over from an Audio Engineer’s Perspective as well as attending the VOICE 2012 convention in June.

They comment on emails from viewers around the world and start their interview with Tara Strong, the Canadian voice actor who knew she wanted to be a performer since she was a child. Tara gives specific advice about how to get in to voice over and what it takes to succeed.

While commenting on misconceptions about voice acting, Chris Rock and comments he made on the Oscars broadcast keep coming up. Tara tells a story about working with her childhood idol then shares which characters are her favorites and most like her true nature.

Viewers get to hear from Timmy Turner, Ben 10, Bubbles and Raven and find out what Tara does to prepare her voice for sessions. We learn about her latest obsession and what she loves about working in animation. The episode ends with a story about her first job in LA and how her talent blew them away.

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