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Erin Fitzgerald PT1 EP163

Chuck and Stacey’s guest this episode is the super talented voice actor, Erin Fitzgerald, known for her stellar work in animation, video games and anime in projects like Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, Wild Grinders, World of Warcraft, Skull Girls and Persona.

Originally from Canada, Erin shares her story from loving to perform as a child to getting to a university degree in theatre and trying her hand in TV and film work. After doing a voice over looping job, she discovered voice acting was her calling and eventually was inspired to move to Los Angeles.  

Erin explains the intense process she went through to get her green card and speaks to her strengths as a voice actor. She talks about some of the characters she has played that she adores like the fan favorite, Chie Satanaka and May Kanker.

She explains her audition process, gives invaluable tips for self-direction and the specific things she needs to do when creating characters to guarantee she’ll nail the acting. Erin reflects on advice she gets on a daily basis that helps her get better and better.

Learn more about the acting troupe that Erin performs with doing authentic radio plays from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s at

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