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Scott Parkin PT1 EP148

Join us for a fun, informative journey with California native and DPN client, Scott Parkin, who started in morning radio. After discovering improv in Dallas, he moved to Los Angeles to launch his on-camera acting, comedy writing, voice acting and coaching careers.

Take a listen to Scott’s podcast called Scott Parkin & The Farm Report and sign up for his upcoming Meet the Pros night with Mary Lynn Wissner at Voicetrax West. Get all the info at VoicesVoicecasting.com

Scott shares his approach to incorporating improv into commercial scripts and ways to create a conversational read. He explains his coaching approach when working with talent which is also available via Skype, so get in touch with him at: cgravy@mac.com

He defines what “being real” in copy means to him and why it’s so challenging for actors to capture it in their reads. He discusses the nuances between doing radio versus TV spots and the importance of knowing where you fit in the business.

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