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Joe Cipriano PT2 EP10

In this episode of VO Buzz Weekly, Joe Cipriano tells us how he was discovered on the radio, which landed him the gig as the promo voice for FOX-TV comedies that he’s had since 1988. He believes that when luck, opportunity and ability meet great things start to happen.

He shares the “must haves” for breaking in to network TV promos and how he keeps himself motivated and at the top of his game after decades in the voice over business. Hear what he does to help his agents get him work and how he takes charge of his career.

Viewers get a guided tour of his state-of-the-art Clubhouse home studio designed by George Whittam and see what equipment he uses to create his magical sound, along with a peek at special memorabilia and personal photos with friend, Don LaFontaine. His treasured radio and microphone collection caught Chuck’s eye but he did not steal anything from his buddy, Joe.

The episode closes with Joe sharing his guiding life and career principles and why he co-founded the Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab to help new voice actors succeed.

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