Aug 20, 2012
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Rock Sugar Rocks The West

Rock Sugar - Chuck Duran, Jess Harnell, Alex Track, Ken Cain - at Rockin' The RiversChuck and bandmates Jess Harnell, Alex Track and Ken Cain took the sugary sweet songs of Rock Sugar on the road to the delight of their fans. The first stop was The Pepper Tree Lounge in Idaho Falls, Idaho where they headlined the packed house. The crowd was so frenzied that when the set ended the event promoter said they had to keep playing or else the people would tear the place apart. The Boys calmed their loyal fans with two encores, photo ops and autograph signings. The guys love their fans and love to keep the peace!

Right after the show, they boarded the tour bus for a three-hour drive to their next gig. There was just enough time for a quick nap and a serious game of Uno for money. The report is that bass player, Ken Cain was winning but unfortunately they arrived in Montana before the game could be finished. Sorry Ken, to be continued!

Show time at Rockin’ The Rivers in Montana and opening for the iconic 80’s rock band, Cinderella. Chuck was so excited to play with his longtime buddy and Cinderella drummer, Fred Coury. This crowd knows Rock Sugar well from their appearance last summer and they were ready to sing every song and wave their handmade signs. Yet another awesomely sweet show for Rock Sugar!

You can keep up with all the latest news and show dates on their Website and on Facebook.     

Tell us what is your favorite Rock Sugar song?   

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